Conventional Welding And The Use Of Lasers

With modern technology there is much advancement in different fields in the industrial world. Welding is one of them. It usually requires manpower and skill to do the job. It requires a lot of skill in operating the equipment so as to not harm you. Since the discovery of laser beams lasers have been gradually used more and more in the process. This form is mostly an automated process now which uses robots to the job. Hence it is useful to large scale manufacturers who need to get the job done faster and in larger quantities. The process uses a laser beam so the surface area of the welding will be small but highly heated thus ensuring the area cools down faster and also increases the precision that one could weld.

There are two types of lasers which are mostly used when it comes to a good laser welding. The first one is the solid state laser they operate on one micrometer wave lengths. The other is gas lasers which utilizes different types of gases as the medium for the laser. Both types of lasers can be used continuously or in pulse mode. Pulse mode is similar to spot welding, the only difference being that the penetration is more complete. Apart from these two there is a type of lasers called diode lasers well.

There are many advantages to using laser welding. The usual methods are a bit cumbersome in nature and do tend to leave a mark on the object your welding. But with this method you will get a better finish on your product. In addition to that efficiency is high as conventional methods of welding take a long time to do. This is very important for manufacturers for whom time is of the essence. Unlike methods like arc welding when it comes to this method you do not require any filler material to do the job hence you save on that extra cost you would have usually incurred. Furthermore as I mentioned earlier this method is usually fully automated hence it reduces the chances of human error being a part of the cost of production.

Although it has a very high rate of efficiency rate it comes at a very steep price. This means that your initial investment in starting up a business which uses this method of this technique would be quite high. Furthermore although you don’t a lot of skilled personnel to do the part anymore you would need very qualified people to use and maintain your machines. Safety risks are also higher so one must be very careful when operating the equipment.

In conclusion this method is very costly but you would get a better quality product and give you a better output rate. So it is up to you to decide whether you want to sick with conventional methods of welding or go for the newer methods. View this link for more information about metal polishing compounds Singapore.