¬How To Throw A Hollywood Themed Party

One of the most popular themes for parties is the Hollywood theme. Not only does such a theme allow people to get dressed up and be glamorous, but it also allows for fun props, decorations, and games. Here is how you can live out your celebrity dream, with a Hollywood themed party.

Invites and Clothes

You can use anything linked with Hollywood to make your invitations look fun and cool. One such idea is to make it look like movie tickets, with all the party details printed out in the same format that a movie ticket would be. You can also make invites with all your favourite celebrities on them, with each guest receiving a different celebrity. Another way to make your invitation fun, is to mention an after party in the ones you give to your closest friends, inviting them to sleepover at your house afterwards.

When throwing a Hollywood themed event, you can specify a dress code on your invitations. You can say something like ‘black tie’ or even ‘dress to kill’ to make sure that your guests know it’s a party where they are expected to get out of their jeans and in to something nice. As the host, you will definitely need to dress to impress, and the best way to do this is with a custom made evening gown.

If you cannot afford a custom made evening gown in Singapore, or consider it to be too much of an extravagance, then a store bought one, along with great hair and makeup would be just fine.

Red Carpet

Make the entrance of your party venue look really glamorous by adding a red carpet. Get your guests to walk down this red carpet, up to a small screen at the end where they can pose for pictures. Hire a good photographer for this, and your guests will definitely start feeling like celebrities. You can even give away a Polaroid picture at the end of the party, as a party favour.

Awards and Food

Arrange a few games, such as movie and celebrity themed charades, so that your guests will have a good time at the party. Give the winners of these games awards at the end of the night, by holding a mini awards ceremony. You can also give away awards such as best dancer, or best dressed person. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even buy small replicas of the Oscars statuette.

While you can serve any type of food at this party, it is essential that you serve champagne or some form of sparkling wine to your guests while they mingle at the beginning of the party. You can even add in a fun element by passing around buckets of popcorn for people to much on.