The Importance Of Hiring A Hdb Licensed Renovating Contractor

Renovating is something that takes time and is expensive. For this reason you would likely going to need some trustworthy contractors to do the job for you. Of course when it comes to public housing built by the House Development board (HDB) there are lot more things to keep in mind. That is to say if you don’t adhere to the laws and damage the flat there are heavy penalties. So you need to be very careful when renovating these types of apartments as opposed to private apartments.

You need to hire the best HDB renovation contractor as they are the recommended choice by the board. Although they need to pass a lot of requirements before they can be considered as one. These are people who have been certified as contractors by the board. They would have undertaken a training which would have involved them familiarizing themselves with all models available by the board.

This is so because if you attempt to renovate these buildings without prior knowledge of their structure you could end up damaging it. Following this they would have to prove that they are a stable company and all so by hiring a board approved one would ensure that you would get a very good service. It would be in your best interest to hire on rather than hiring an unlicensed one and in addition to that legally speaking there isn’t much unlicensed contractors can renovate in these apartments.

Moving on just like when it comes to hiring any other service even when it comes to hiring an HDB renovation contractor you need to first make sure to take the rebuild quotations from a couple of them thus ensuring you make a rationale and good choice. Many people tend to go with the cheapest option open to them but this might not be the best way to go when it comes to renovation you should hire someone on the mid-range thus ensuring you would get a marginally good service. Otherwise if you hire a cheaper option you might end up with an unsatisfactory job. In addition to that do a good research into the people you are going to hire. Make sure that they have good customer reviews in the form of good references.

Following that you must always make sure that you have a written and signed agreement. Having a verbal agreement is never sufficient. Doing so could lead to genuine miscommunication or even fraud if you aren’t too careful. So it would be in your best interest to hash it out properly at the beginning and sign on the agreed arrangement. Also note that before you renovate you need to get a permit for it. Doing so without one would be illegal.