Tips For Relocating Your Business

One of the most dreaded things about finally getting your business established and grounded is being forced to change locations due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances. While this motion is extremely rare and in most cases of larger businesses, almost impossible, there are chances of you ending up on this pitfall. So for the ones who are already stuck in this situation, here is the checklist of things you might want to update before and as you do your business relocation.

1. Notices on website and updates online

If you have an official website and/or social media web pages for your business, it is better to get the notice of the imminent move of your business mentioned on these sites. Do this at least a month or a month and a half before you move (and after you have already bought the new place for your office and done all the required documentation) so that people have time to digest.

But make sure the message is in big letters and bright colors and generally noticeable for anyone when they first come to your website. If you have multiple pages for your sites then put it up as a banner on top so that no matter which page it is, the message is still given to anyone visiting the page. The message should contain an apology, dates and physical address of new place.

2. Try with all your might to keep the phone numbers

Sometimes if you are changing towns or going over borders, it might be difficult to keep an old number as the service provider does not cover that area. Even if you are forced to get help from a new service provider try to get them to use the same number. Most service providers allow you to use the same number for established institutes.

3. Care when moving with office movers in Singapore

When you start your moving process with the office movers then you will need to make sure that everything is delivered to the right address. It also serves as a good way to make your brand name set up in the new neighborhood.

4. Update all the utilities and campaigns

Email marketing templates, email signatures, business cards, marketing and advertising campaigns must be updated with accurate information. If you even have the single letter or number wrong then you will end up with half the clientele.

Make sure that you do your advertising at the new location so that your brand name expands to the local potential customers and clients.