When Do You Go To A Therapist?

Physical immobility, impairment, and lack of fitness are a crying problem in today’s world. The fast pace of life and the dependence on machines have brought with themselves so many physical illnesses for man. The more they get dependent on machine the less they go through physical activities. As a result of this lack of physical movements, human body is encountering so many muscular and bone related problems – major or minor, with every passing day.

Sometimes these physical problems get out of hand and take the shape of serious diseases, like Spondylosis. Mere exercise or routine activities cannot heal those diseases. Medical intervention becomes necessary at this stage where along with medicines physical therapy or physiotherapy needs to be given to the patient. Physical therapy involves the application of mechanical force and movements on body parts to ensure the required functional mobility in humans.

Physiotherapy in Singapore is a branch of physical medicine and rehabilitation. This therapy is incorporated with other branches of medical services to treat and remediate physical impairment.

Physical therapy is generally a clinical service provided by therapists who are called physiotherapists or physical therapists. They carry out their services through examination, diagnosis, prognosis and then physical intervention. The therapist first talks to the patient about their present problem and their detailed medical history. Then they go through some medical examinations that they find required to diagnose the proper area of illness. These examinations include X-Rays, MRIs, CT Scans, and a few blood tests in some cases, and on the basis of their findings the therapist comes to form a proper diagnosis.

After arriving at a diagnosis the physiotherapist can make a plan of the set of therapies or customized movements that is the most useful for the patient’s particular ailment. The physiotherapist thus achieves to give the ailing man the expected quality of life.

When does a man need physical therapy? Is it only lifestyle that affects the mobility of human body? The answer is NO. We find that clinical physical therapy is mostly needed in post-traumatic medical treatment. After an accident or a big surgery, a patient’s mobility is impaired in most cases. Illnesses or injuries that curb their mobility or ability to perform functional activities are thus treated through physical therapy.

Through specific exercises, manual therapy, and, in more complicated cases, the use of traction, electrical devices, ultrasound therapy, radiation, and hot or cold compress, the desired result is achieved. But in some diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis, and in neurological diseases, physical therapy has to be given along with proper medication. It is needless to say that a healthy lifestyle with a regular fitness regime keeps the need of physical therapy at bay in old age.